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arun bhagwatI

Arun is an author, entrepreneur, producer and a die hard storyteller with 20+ years of work experience across industries and cultures. He ideates concepts, produces podcasts, short films and webseries. He also curates talk shows, events, festivals and more. His cross-cultural mythological fiction book, Guardians Of Shambhala© is a must read. It is a mind-bender and the first of his book series.

nihit mohan

Nihit Mohan is multi-faceted personality with a world full of creativity within. While he dabbles with numbers as banking risk professional in the day, he transforms himself into a non-fiction author by the night. He wrote and published his first book titled ‘What School Doesn’t Teach You’ in 2021. Now, Nihit is on a journey to transform himself into a script writer and enter the world of film making. He has been co-writing stories and shows as part of the core creative team in Cadmus Brothers.


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